Formulating the future

Today’s ever-changing and fast-paced life has increased the risk of lifestyle-related and cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, coronary artery diseases (CAD) and atherosclerosis. In an effort to help people cope with these diseases, Unichem has developed products that are used in the treatment of major cardiovascular diseases through anti-hypertensive, cholesterol reducing agents and anti-platelets in conjunction with the largest co-prescribed basket in Cardiology with anxiolytics and anti – anginals. Unichem is one of the top companies that promotes ARBs (Angiotensin receptor blockers) three major ARBs viz. Losar (Losartan), Telsar (Telmisartan) , Olsar (Olmesartan) and their combinations.

Losar group (Losartan and combinations) is ranked second in anti-hypertensive segment in the Indian pharmaceutical market. The company is also marketing many other flagship brands like Arkamin (Clonidine), TG Tor (Atorvastatin), Tolol (Metoprolol), Ranx (Ranolazine), Unistar (Rosuvastatin) and Trika (Alprazolam). Today, Unichem is ranked 4th in its covered Cardiology segment and aspires to become the market leader in this segment.