A Cure for Burning Foot Syndrome!

For the first time in India, Unichem has launched Doxure, a unique cure for diabetic patients suffering from Burning Foot Syndrome (BFS). BFS is consequence of diabetic neuropathy, or nerve damage. It causes burning sensations in the feet, which get severe at night and disturb sleep.

Doxure contains Doxepin Hydrochloride 5% w/w cream, which is known to act on local pain nerve receptors and alleviate the neuropathic pain sensations. It also contains Menthol 2% w/w for symptomatic relief.

Doxure is available in a 30 g Lami tube. Patients can go through the important guidelines on symptoms of foot complications as well as the instructions to apply Doxure on their feet, which are available in each sales pack of Doxure. These patient education leaflets are available in Hindi and English along with pictorial representation of the complications.

Doxure is Unichem’s initiative in the field of Diabetic Neuropathy which constitutes identification of the problem and its diagnosis with the help of SPARSH Clinics. SPARSH Clinics are conducted in association with doctors where diabetic patients are screened for neuropathic damage with the help of state-of-the-art machines. These patients are provided with relevant and mandatory information on foot care for diabetics with the help of patient education information in local languages. Infected patients get a proper diagnosis from the physician and patients with economic challenges are even provided with free sampling.