Research Alliances & Partnerships

As Unichem strives to expand its global footprint, it has actively undertaken efforts to develop strategic alliances and partnerships with companies where there is a clear synergy.

Here are some of Unichem’s partnership initiatives:

  • Presently, Unichem works with multinational pharmaceutical research organizations to develop formulations.
  • It is also in collaboration with generic companies to fulfill their API needs and develop formulations for them to be supplied in regulated markets.
  • There are several development programs running to supply cost-effective advance intermediates required for NCEs.
  • Several dossiers have been filed on behalf of multinational generic companies. Unichem has also obtained approvals and supplied formulated products from their manufacturing plants for regulated markets.

Partnering Possibilities

APIs & Intermediates:

  • Supply advanced intermediates for existing generic molecules
  • Supply/Develop APIs for new generic market
  • Contract research on NCE development


  • Development of formulation for generic markets (Japan, US, Europe & rest of the world)
  • Develop NDDS for generic APIs and NCEs
  • Develop formulation for NCEs


  • Bio-similar products by recombinant DNA techniques
  • Microbial fermentation to make chemical entities

Clinical Trial Supply for:

  • NCEs
  • Formulated products
  • Biotech products