Innovation that improves lives


Over the years, Unichem has invested significantly in Research and Development (R&D) to create state-of-the-art R&D facilities. Backed by a research team of over 300+ highly-trained scientists with excellent credentials, the company’s R&D facilities are equipped with cutting-edge pharmaceutical research technology.

Unichem’s laboratories are equipped with the latest sophisticated analytical instruments like XRD, NMR, GC, LCMS, IR/UV, TGA, DSC, Prep HPLC and Flash Chromatography.

The company’s expanded R&D facilities have strengthened its chemical and formulation capabilities. At the same time, its biotechnology R&D facility, which focuses on cost-effective bio-similar products using recombinant microorganisms, is geared to provide a new edge to Unichem’s research and development efforts.



Unichem’s R&D activities are focused on the following:
  • Novel cost-efficient process development for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediates
  • Formulation development for generic APIs
  • Non-infringing routes for manufacturing products to be marketed internationally
  • Bio-similar products by using recombinant DNA
  • Contract research to develop formulations for New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and Generic APIs

Inspired by an ambition to drive path-breaking innovative research, Unichem aims to improve people’s health by consistently providing better, more effective and safe products.

Unichem Laboratories Ltd., completes the sale and transfer of the Company’s domestic formulations business in India and Nepal to Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited