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Overall Perspective of Bioscience at Unichem


To be a leading provider of high quality, affordable biological therapeutics through world-class research and Excellence manufacturing to address global health challenges through Biotech route.

The Biotech facility is fully integrated and based in Goa, India. It has world class capabilities for cell banking, cell culture, purification and formulation of Drug Substance and Drug Product.


State of the art Biotechnology Facility at Goa Housing:

  • Research and Development
    • Molecular Biology
    • Cell Culture
    • Fermentation Facility (Recombinant and Non Recombinant)
    • Protein Purification
    • Biocatalysis / Biotransformation
    • Analytical
  • Pilot / Manufacturing Plant
  • Quality Control Lab

Major focus area of Biotech division at Unichem is:

  • Natural Bacterial Fermentation
  • Recombinant Therapeutic Proteins
  • Biocatalysis / Biotransformation
  • Innovation


  • Cloning and sub cloning using plasmid vectors and microbial host cells.
  • Strain improvement using mutagenesis and molecular biology techniques.
  • Process development from shake flask to 10L fermenter.
  • Intracellular to extracellular protein purification using different technique.
  • Protein characterization, refolding, lyophilization, crystallization and formulation.
  • Cell based Bioassay.

State-of-the-art GMP compliance manufacturing infrastructure for Clinical and commercial production of E.coli based product, analytical and utilities equipment covering Bioassays, Microbiology and Biochemistry can be seen at the facility which is staffed with strong technical, regulatory and quality personnel. The Team driving this has extensive experience with various cell types and manufacturing processes.