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Unichem Laboratories Ltd.
Unichem Bhavan
Prabhat Estate, Off S.V.Road, Jogeshwari (West), Mumbai – 400 102
Email : contact@unichemlabs.com
Tel: + 91 022 66 888 333

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Advice on Reporting Adverse Events (Side Effects)

We at Unichem understand the need and importance of monitoring drug safety-right from the discovery of the medicine throughout the life of the drug. We take care of patients’ safety by collecting, detecting, assessing, monitoring, and data basing of adverse events. We strive to ensure the safe and rational use of medicines.

If you wish to report an adverse event (side effect) occurring with our drug, please read below:

Who can report?


  • Any health care professional (Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists, etc.)
  • Non-healthcare professional (patient, relative, friend, etc.)

What to report

All types of adverse events (Side effects occurring after administration of a drug) and other scenarios/situations (even if not associated with adverse events) like, overdose, accidental use, abuse and misuse, medication errors, lack of efficacy, and unexpected therapeutic or clinical benefit etc.

Where to report

Unichem Laboratories Ltd.
Unichem Bhavan
Prabhat Estate, Off S.V.Road
Jogeshwari (West)
Mumbai - 400 102, India.
Phone: +91- 22-66888333