Unichem Laboratories

Nurturing Mother Nature

environment- health-safety

Unichem is committed to bring in and maintain continual improvement of high standards of environment, health & Safety (EHS) management as an integral part of the business.
The organization shall —

  • Provide, maintain, and upgrade facilities, operations and working conditions which are safe for all employees, visitors, contractors and public.
  • Integrate environment, process safety, health and occupational safety aspects during planning and decision making of business processes.
  • Protect the health and well-being of employees and encourage them to adopt practices for maintenance of good health.

  • Operate business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner to minimize impact on the environment for a long-term sustainable growth.
  • Comply with all applicable EHS regulations and obligations and review them periodically.
  • Encourage to adopt the measures for continual improvement of Environment, Health and Safety parameters.
  • Consider consultation & participation of worker for improvement of Environment, Health and Safety management system.
  • Provide necessary information, train, and motivate all employees for conducting operations effectively & responsibly.
  • Design and maintain appropriate emergency response plan, procedures & business continuity capabilities.
  • Interact & co-operate actively with all key stake holders both internal and external regarding EHS matters, performance, and progress, as necessary.
  • Determine issues and requirements related to Internal and external stakeholders and evaluate risk and opportunities related to it.
  • Effectively implement controls to manage the risk and execute the opportunities.
  • Account the health and safety performance of individuals at different levels while considering their career advancement.
  • Provide a resume of health and safety performance of the company in its Annual Report.
  • Follow relevant techniques and methods, such as safety audits and risk assessment for periodical assessment of the status on health, safety and environment and taking all the remedial measures.