Unichem Laboratories

Committed to creating sustainable value

Values & Commitments

While business has grown over the years, Unichem has never lost sight of its core values, ICE. These values have formed the foundation of Unichem.

ICE serves as a guide to all company employees. Following the values listed is integral to the realisation of Unichem’s vision.

I – Integrity
C – Collaboration
E – Execution Excellence


Beyond Individual Honesty…

  • Courage to stand up for matters involving organizational interests.
  • Challenge status quo to bring progressive change.
  • Identify conflict of interest situations and take actions to avoid and prevent them.
  • Admit mistakes. Embrace failures. Don’t hide them. Look at it as great learning opportunities.


Function to Business…

  • Foster partnerships towards a shared goal.
  • Introspect and align organizational, departmental and individual goals.
  • Listen actively and respond appropriately to other team members/peers/stakeholders: ideas/feedback/concerns.

Execution Excellence

Fast-forward…a sense of urgency