Unichem Laboratories

Statement of Unclaimed dividend for the year 2018-2019 as on December 31, 2019

Statement of Unclaimed dividend amount consecutively for 7 years

Unclaimed Dividend as on March 31, 2019

Procedure to claim Refund of unclaimed dividend from Investor Education and Protection Fund(IEPF)
  1. IEPF Rules
  2. IEPF notification - Refund process guidelines
  3. Claim Refund from IEPF

Note :
  1. Any one part of the Investor Name is mandatory, if folio No./ DP ID/Client ID number is not known.
  2. Folio Number/ DP ID/Client ID is optional and should be entered as available in Share Certificate/ Demat Account, without slashes.
  3. For claiming said dividend amount, we request you to write/email us the procedure to below mentioned contact details/e-mail address.
Mr. Dilip Bhor
  • Unichem Laboratories Limited
  • Unichem Bhavan, Prabhat Estate,
  • Off. S. V. Road, Jogeshwari (West)
  • Mumbai – 400 102
  • Phone. : 91(22) 66888439/66888478
  • Email: